‘Big Brother Canada’ exclusive: Kat Yee reflects, talks season 2 possibilities

KatWe’re back with another entry in our “Big Brother Canada” season 2 preview series, which revolves around one simple premise: Some personal chats with season 1 houseguests and other people in-the-know to get you more excited about the return of the show to Slice come February. We’re going to be rolling a couple more of these out periodically, so be sure to bookmark this link and keep checking back.

The interview that we’re focusing on today is Kat Yee, who despite being kicked off early during the first season, still has a ton of positivity and insight to share about the show. This chat took place last month at the season 2 auditions in Toronto, which is an event that you should take part in sometime if you’re eligible to be a contestant. Even if you don’t get on the show, it’s the sort of fun experience to have at least once.

CarterMatt – What’s it like being back here? Is it weird?

Kat Yee – Yeah, it is! I can’t believe how much time has passed.

So [now that the time has passed], do you feel like you’re a part of the ‘Big Brother’ family?

Kat – Absolutely. Yeah, it’s weird. After I got evicted, I had people from like ‘Big Brother UK,’ ‘Big Brother Australia,’ all welcoming me and saying ‘welcome to the BB Fam.’ I wasn’t expecting that.

What has it been like for you just getting approached by people, like at work? Is that something that’s fun for you?

Yeah. As a bartender, you talk to people on a pretty casual basis. Now I’ve got people who just want to talk about [the show]. It’s fun. It’s a topic.

So let’s turn for a minute to next season. Are there any sort of people you want to see on the show? I want to see a girl alliance go far, or a really great female villain. You know, something that we don’t often seen. Also, what sort of twists do you want to see?

It’s tough. You never really know what’s going to happen with the cast until you see them, and as far as the show goes, I liked the sort of twists where they made them stay up all night and do challenges, like the dance party. I was dying! I’d love to see more stuff like that.

Are you going to reach out to the people this season, or to the first person who goes?

Yeah. I mean, we all fall in different slots, but I think for the first three it’s kind of tough. It was tough for me, but at the same time that’s my luck. For me, it wasn’t as hard to deal with [as it could have been], but I know that when it comes to the first person evicted I’m the only other person who will understand how they feel.

What did you enjoy watching the most this past season?

I loved watching the endurance competitions, since that’s when it’s the battle. People start cutting deals, and it could be anybody’s game. I also just love the ones where it is silly fun.

So let’s just say that hypothetically it’s ‘Big Brother Canada 2,’ and you’re on it. What are you going to do this time?

That’s tough, because I went into the house the first time with a strategy, and not even enacting it, it backfired. It was really weird because if you feel like if you put some wheels in motions, that’s how things would go. But I actually really didn’t do anything, and all of a sudden it was blowback. I was just like ‘I just showed up.’

So if I was to go back it’s hard to say what my strategy would be. I kind of wanted to befriend all the ‘oddballs’ last year, so I can’t say that I would go with a specific group. It’s just funny because everything I said would happen if I got evicted [in season 1] happened.

Thanks to Kat for sharing her thoughts, and we’ve got plenty more highlights for you to see. Be sure to check out our chat with “Glitter” Gary Levy here, and if you are a serious fan of the show, our chat with executive producer John Brunton has some exclusive dish on what some of the upcoming twists will be.

Photo: Slice

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