‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Tyra Banks, Chord Overstreet, talk modeling, Trouty Mouth (video)

The news -Glee” has long had a history of bringing some great guest stars onto the show, but when it comes to the appearance from Tyra Banks on Thursday night’s “Movin’ Out,” one of the biggest appeals to the story is that they managed to by and large keep the casting a secret for a long time. We didn’t really have any idea that the “America’s Next Top Model” host would be stopping by until very recently, and based on what she says about the role in the video below, she is taking on the role of someone that she would never want to be in real life: A crude, crass owner of a modeling agency.

The first thing that is important about watching this clip in the video below is recognizing the setting. Sam’s in New York City! We have no idea how he got the money to get there given what we know about his family, but he’s at least interested in looking. What is a little more curious is that he would choose to go there now, given that he has a major motivation to stick around in Ohio in Penny Owen, a girl who seems to actually be interested in him as a real boyfriend, and not just some sort of rebound.

Also in this video, Tyra gets the opportunity to refer to Sam by the classic “Trouty Mouth” name, and then tells him that he needs to lose ten pounds in order to be a successful model down the line. Her advice to shed the weight? A combination that involves smoking, and a lot of it. (Ugh.)

At least we are excited about this episode finally addressing some of the biggest elephants in the room as of late, with those being trying to figure out what in the world is going to come next for some of these graduating seniors. New York seems to be the obvious destination for many of them, and that makes some sense given that this is where most of the other long-running characters are.

Want to be even more excited about this episode? Then just click here, where you can listen to Darren Criss belt out a classic Billy Joel tune for the episode.

Photo: Fox

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