‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: More details on Sarah Drew, April’s wedding episode

What's next? -On December 5, there is going to be quite a celebration in order on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10. Specifically, we’re going to be seeing Sarah Drew’s character of April (possibly) tie the knot! While there are certainly a contingent of fans out there hoping to see her and Jackson together, that may or may not happen anytime soon. She loves Matthew, and it’s hard to really root against the guy, given that he is not some sort of awful human being destined to cause problems for her.

What we can at least tell you for now is that for at least part of this episode, April will still be looking to get married, and we are going to be meeting quite a few of her sisters. According to a report from TVLine, Libby (Emily Happe, “Days of Our Lives”), Kimmie (Elizabeth Bond, “Drop Dead Diva”), and Alice (Grace Bannon, “The Middle”) are all going to appear in the episode as April’s sisters, who will probably have some sort of role in the grand wedding-planning process.

Even if the wedding does not end up happening, there is probably still one thing that we probably can promise for now: Not everything when it comes to the big ceremony is going to go according to plan. We really know this primarily thanks to the fact that this is “Grey’s Anatomy,” and nothing ever runs smoothly on this show. We saw this more than ever during the last wedding episode, which featured Chandra Wilson and her character of Bailey front and center. And to think, Bailey’s problems were a little bit more career-based, and not so much having someone else in her life that could end up upsetting the apple cart in a pretty significant way.

Is there anything that you are hoping to see from April’s wedding … pending that it actually happens? Share below, and click here for a photo preview of what is coming up on Thursday night’s episode. Some of the other stories that you can expect to see play out here soon, including Callie and Arizona’s relationship, and whether or not the tension between Meredith and Cristina is going to subside.

Photo: ABC

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