‘Teen Wolf’ video: The new season 3B teaser may make you go insane

What's next? -Teen Wolf” has apparently started to fashion itself as “American Horror Story” 2.0, or at least that is what we felt after watching the weird (but also somewhat wonderful) new teaser for the show below. It’s really hard to make sense as to what is going on here, save for maybe some of the flashing images and also some of the scenes of a classroom. (Does anyone else have a hard time buying now that these people are still students?)

The real point of the teaser does seem to be advertising a sort of “lose your mind” theme, which works well in conjunction with what you would assume to be Scott’s mental state in particular after all that has transpired. He’s gone from being a normal kid in some ways to a relentless killer in some ways, forced to protect both himself and his friends on an almost-constant basis. Even though Deucalion may be out of the picture seemingly (as is the Darach), we also have some other problems coming up. Take, for example, the Peter character.

While there are not any sort of teasers on the subject in the teaser, we know that the new season is going to introduce some Asian mythology into the show via Katsumi, a new sort of supernatural being that we have not really seen on this or other shows. “Teen Wolf” has always in some ways felt like a show desperate to show that it’s not like “The Vampire Diaries” or “True Blood,” and it takes its werewolves seriously and constantly raises the stakes for them. We know that this will be a major challenge given what we saw last season, but this is a show that seemingly likes to be tasked with doing very difficult things.

Did you dig this new “Teen Wolf” teaser, and what sort of crazy theories do you have after checking it out? Be sure to share in the comment box below! Meanwhile, click here if you haven’t heard about the mysterious new bit of casting news that came out just last week.

Photo: MTV

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