‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 Christmas special spoilers: Allen Leech teases love interests

What's next -Today marks a sad occasion for many diehard fans of “Downton Abbey”: This is the first Sunday that the United Kingdom has not been able to enjoy a new episode since September. This is all emblematic of how quickly time passes when you are watching and enjoying the show; before you know it, the ride is over and you then have to go back to sitting around and waiting once again. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for American viewers!)

Thankfully, there is still the annual Christmas special coming up a little later this year, which will allow for there to be all sorts of opportunities to show character growth. As the man behind Tom Branson in Allen Leech recently told Irish station RTE Ten, there will be everything from romance to surprises in store for many of the characters:

“Tom is definitely in the Downton Christmas special. It’s going to be really exciting. There are some major, big, big, big set pieces. Julian Fellowes has gone all out with what he’s written. There’s a major centrepiece for one of the characters and a big event. Paul Giamatti also joins us which will be fun …¬†There is also the start of a couple of love interests for people.”

The last we saw Branson, he was falling for a teacher, and trying to establish himself again as a force in the political realm. This year has been somewhat of a reset for him as he attempts to figure out a few assorted parts to his personality. He wants to ensure that he does not completely lose the man that he was prior to having a child with the late Sybil, but at the same time, there is also a certain aspect of him that has changed that he can never fully abandon either. He has to more or less decide where that happy medium is going to be for him, and then find a way to go from there, live his life, and be happy.

Beyond the Christmas special, we’ve already detailed five things that we’d love to see take place in “Downton Abbey” season 5. Check them out here, and we’ll be back with some more scoop soon.

Photo: ITV

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