‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preview: Kandi Burruss comforts Porhsa Stewart

The latest -Just in case everything that you have seen on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season has not made it clear already, Porsha Stewart is going through some serious stuff right now. She’s struggling with the fact that she and her husband Kordell are going their separate ways, and that the entire ordeal happened so quickly. Now, it’s also playing out on national television, which cannot be easy; while we’re sure that Porsha appreciates the money that comes along with it, this is far from the sort of thing that she initially signed on to the show to do.

Porsha should at least take some comfort that there are some other women on the show this season who are supportive, and willing to help her out in almost any way that they can. After all, you just have to remember that there are some versions of this franchise where the ladies are far too interested in fighting / getting airtime to really worry about anything else.

Porsha has a good friend here in Kandi Burruss who is willing to talk her through most of what she’s going through, including what has to be one of the worst-possible things to feel: Love for a man that did not treat you well, and put you in a position that you actually do have to divorce him. She reminds Porsha that not only is she young, but she and Kordell didn’t have any children together. That gives her an opportunity to make more of a clean break, and to actually move on with her life rather than struggle to deal with someone who could only at this point hold her back.

We do hope that Porsha is in a happier place by the end of this season, but we do have to remember every step of the way that these sort of things take time.

What do you think about this “Real Housewives of Atlanta” preview? Share your thoughts below, and if you have a hankering for some comedy, click here to check out the latest from Kenya Moore. We do have to warn you, though: There are some things on here regarding twerking that you will never be able to un-see.

Photo: Bravo

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