‘American Horror Story: Coven’ spoilers: Ryan Murphy talks Stevie Nicks appearance

Lily Rabe is back -Earlier this week, the glorious news was handed down that none other than Fleetwood Mac rocker and music icon Stevie Nicks would be appearing on an upcoming episode of “American Horror Story: Coven.” If this was any other show, it would still be news. But, what makes this huge news here is that Lily Rabe’s character on the show in Misty Days is a Nicks fanatic, to the point that she actually believes that Nicks is a real-life witch.

So what is the context in which the singer appears? Some of the possibly suggestions that have been out there as of late include getting to see her in a dream sequence, or some sort of other character that is someone tongue-in-cheek. Luckily, show co-creator Ryan Murphy makes the news somewhat clear to Entertainment Weekly, where he did his part to explain that we will be seeing her around the 10th episode of the season, and it will actually be something that actually happens in reality for these characters:

“She appears as herself. It’s part of Fiona’s ruse in that Fiona is trying to get the true Supreme to reveal herself because she needs to stay alive. So she tells Misty Day that the Supreme gets so many great things in life, like tickets to the Oscars and Met Ball tickets. So she brings Stevie Nicks in as a gift to Misty to prove to her that if she exhibits more power she’ll get that and more. Then the other girls come home and see Stevie and Misty singing and it starts them trying to move much quicker to prove that they are the Supreme.”

Rabe was apparently thrilled to find out the news, and Murphy joked that all of the cast were practically climbing over each other to be the ones to work with Nicks in the two days that she is going to be on set shooting her scenes.

This is one of the bigger casting coups that Murphy has pulled off, but to be honest, he has shown himself to be quite a wizard with these in general over the years. Just the fact that he managed to get Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, and Kathy Bates to join the cast this year is particularly notable in itself.

If you’re desperate to see more from “American Horror Story: Coven” now, just click here to watch a full teaser for the next new episode.

Photo: FX

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