‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ finale review: Cory, Marvin, Jourdan face off; who won?

The latest -“America’s Next Top Model” has had what we like to consider a comeback season for the show this year. With guys in the mix, there were suddenly some new personalities, and opportunities to see something beyond the series that had almost willed itself to sleep over the course of the past 19 cycles.

But at the end of the day, there could only be one winner; and going into this episode, it felt like it would obviously be Jourdan Miller. Likability issues aside, she was simply the top model in terms of consistency and competition wins. Overall, she may have been one of the most dominant people in the history of the show up there with Ann.

As we’ve suggested, the only thing that could really hold her back is if Tyra Banks and company either decide that they want a guy to win, or someone really steps it up or she completely blows it. When it was announced that Cory Hindorff was in third place, the competition went up a notch since we knew that this was going to be between the likes of just Marvin Cortes and her. Marvin was a little bit of a darkhorse, at least in that there have been some moments where we felt like he could be amazing.

So when the dust settled, who here emerged victorious for cycle 20? After some final tests to prove themselves, Tyra announced that the winner was … Jourdan! Yep, you probably saw that one coming. Despite all of the hope to hype up Marvin, given that he was a likable guy for the most part and a little bit of a goofball, you can’t argue with success. We weren’t personally rooting for her, but we do have to actually applaud Tyra and company for giving it to the most consistent and strongest performer of the season, rather than just the emotional story. We’re sure that she still wants a guy to win this show, and maybe that will happen in cycle 21. Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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