‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 8 video: Watch Mandy Patankin’s Saul get grilled

The latest -On Sunday night’s “Homeland” season 3 episode, Saul Berenson is basically going to have to pay the piper for everything awesome that he did this past hour. Most of it was the sort of slow-moving awesome agency stuff that we love with the show: While it would have been the easy move to turn to Javadi and welcome him a one-way ticket to life in prison or even worse, he decided instead to use his own money-swiping against his own government as leverage to send him back to Iran, and turn him into an asset.

As you would expect, there would be more people than just Senator Lockhart (who is soon to be the man in charge) who has some issues to deal with when it comes to this. As the sneak peek video below shows, Saul has to convince some other higher-ups within the administration that he did the right thing, and that his move really wasn’t that big of a risk given his confidence level that we are not going to see Javadi turn. This is why we love Saul as a character so much; even when it seemingly makes no sense for him to be so optimistic, he trusts his own judgment enough to be.

Plus, Patankin clearly knows his craft, and how to cultivate these scenes into something great. He is the master of subtlety, conveying what he needs to with just a few words and gestures. He inspires confidence more than fear or paranoia, which is probably why so many others ultimately do find him so endearing. You want to believe him, and not just because he looks like some sort of wise sage that lives at the top of a mountain.

Do you think that there is any hope that Saul is going to actually get what he wants out of this situation? Share some of your thoughts below, and be sure to also click here to see some of what Carrie Mathison is trying to do now in an effort to prove Brody’s innocence. (Yep, she’s still at it.)

Photo: Showtime

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