‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 7 review: Who died, and who’s back?

The latest -On tonight’s season 5 episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” the show wasted no time in telling us that any plans that we had for the season as a whole were probably wrong. Not only that, but we seemingly saw the end to one of Nina Dobrev’s characters, and we have the end for the other half of Paul Wesley.

That’s right: Stefan has seemingly taken care of Silas once and for all, and in that way, the ancient man has finally got what he wanted in a sweet release from this world. Just in true “Romeo & Juliet” fashion, he was not alone in leaving the earth. He was joined by none other than Dobrev’s Amara, his one true love who spent most of the episode also in a frenzied state. Is this enough death for you? Well, there’s another name that you also have to add to the tally in Qetsiyah. Janina Gavakar’s character also took her own life in this episode, leaving Bonnie with the painful responsibility of now serving as the anchor between one world and the next.

The good news that comes from this? That Bonnie is now seemingly back on earth, and able to communicate with everyone again? At least the show made there be some sort of consequence to this action, as she has to experience a sort of horrible pain every time someone passes through. This gave some weight to it, and made it just so that there were not people being able to live and die willy-nilly. That has been a problem with this show, and really any supernatural show that often deals with life and death.

In the end, we feel like this episode was more or less the pressing of a big reset button, and allowing the show to go back to some of the roots and also press the reset button somewhat on the story.that has been there. Given how much that these doppelgangers have been confusing, we consider this very much a good thing. Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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