‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 8 review: Did Raj and Lucy get back together?

A look ahead -While “The Big Bang Theory” Thursday night had teased a rather lengthy story regarding Leonard and an itchy sweater, the more interesting question that you should be asking now is pretty simple: Are Raj and Lucy now an item again?

Penny noticed Raj’s ex-girlfriend early on during the episode while at the Cheesecake Factory, and there was a pretty heated confrontation that resulted when she asked why in the world she decided to break up with him via email. This led to her inviting him out to coffee (the most casual and non-threatening place ever), where she admitted to him that it was wrong … and she has another boyfriend. The only silver lining here? Right when Raj was ready to flip on Penny, she offered to set him up with someone from work.

As for Leonard and that sweater, this all was a “teaching moment” from Sheldon to basically show Leonard how he deals with unresolved conflict … and it was pretty evil. He basically, made his roommate wander around in a terribly itchy garment just because he thought there was an overdue DVD laying around. We really felt for Leonard through most of this … but to be fair, we typically feel for Leonard the vast majority of the time, and we would more were it not for his decision to keep living with a guy who is obsessive-compulsive and also out of his mind.

This was in the end a pretty funny episode that managed to satisfy almost everything that we expected from it. Personally, we weren’t actually rooting for Raj and Lucy to get back together, mostly because it’s too big of a stretch that every one of these characters would end up with their dream girl on the first try. It’s possible that these two could still have a future, but there are some other hurdles that Raj has to overcome before then. Grade: B.

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