‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: ‘Holy Terror,’ and torture for Misha Collins’ Castiel

Check it out -After a particularly great “Supernatural” season 9 episode Tuesday in “Heaven Can Wait,” it feels almost like the show is going to be diving back into standalone episode territory the next two weeks with installments that are going to take us not only back to the past of our characters, but also of the show itself. Some of these episodes can be great, but we still have to beg the question: When are we for sure going to be seeing Misha Collins and Castiel again?

The definitive answer comes via “Holy Terror,” which is the episode airing on Tuesday, December 3, which comes a day after some repeats for some of their other shows. This is an episode that feels very much like it could be the fall finale, given that two of the major story threads here include the angel war, and Dean pondering whether or not to tell Sam of the current plan with Ezekiel to heal him from the inside out. Take a look at the synopsis below:

“After a massive angel slaughter occurs, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) arrive at the scene to investigate and are surprised to run into Castiel (Misha Collins). While investigating, Castiel is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questions Ezekiel’s demands and wonders if it might be time to tell Sam the truth.”

So what among Ezekiel’s demands could suddenly be a little too much for Dean to take? It would not shock us in the slightest to hear that Cass was somehow involved in this, given that Ezekiel has already made some pretty staunch demands when it comes to Castiel staying away from him, and that could be complicated when the two are forced to be in close proximity to one another. Let’s just hope that at this point, Sam is close enough to survive on his own, since he’s otherwise in a position where he is really not going to be among the living very long at all.

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Photo: The CW

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