Should a ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ season 4 happen? Top 4 reasons why there’s trouble

Did you watch? -Tonight, you can very well say goodbye to “The Real Housewives of Miami” for the time being. The 16-episode third season comes to a conclusion with the second part of the reunion special, which is going to feature some more funny quips, some “shocking” moments, and the typical sort of jousting for artime that tends to happen during these reunion shows.

But, when you look at a number of factors, this could also be the series finale for the show … and there are some reasons out there as to why it probably should be, just so that Bravo can start to focus their attention elsewhere. Here are four of the ones that come to mind very quickly.

1. Low ratings – The show is not necessarily a dud by any means, but it’s the lowest-rated of the “Housewives” shows by a pretty substantial margin. In broadcast TV, you typically cancel your lowest-rated comedy, so shouldn’t the network do the same thing with their lowest-rated version of the franchise?

2. Schedule changes – If you become the show that the network is willing to shift around to all sorts of weird times, then the writing is on the wall more or less that you are expendable. That is what this situation seems to especially feel like now.

3. No breakout star – Typically, you need a big Housewife to lift your show to the next level. New York had Bethenny Frankel for a few years, New Jersey has Teresa Giudice, the Beverly Hills have Lisa Vanderpump, and Atlanta has NeNe Leakes. While you can make a case that Orange County does not have a woman on this level of fame, it has a well-rounded cast. There’s just not anyone here that is huge entertainment, though we consider Joanna Krupa to be the most well-known.

4. Shifting attention – You’ve given this show three seasons to find itself, so why not just move on to something else now? We’d like to see a Las Vegas or a New Orleans version of the show, given that these two shows could have something interesting to bring to the table and the Big Easy is super-hot right now. Or, another thought: Why not try to develop some other franchises instead? There’s not as much buzz around the Housewives as a whole as there once was.

Tell us: Do you think that “The Real Housewives of Miami” should? Sound off in the comment box below, and click here if you’re interested in checking out some more news related to the show.

Photo: Bravo

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