‘White Collar’ season 5, episode 5 preview: The new mission for Matt Bomer’s Neal

What's next? -What is coming up on Thursday night’s “White Collar” episode? What we have here is the case of a missing child returning home a man, and questions surrounding whether or not there is something involving this character that could be of use to Peter and Neal.

On the surface, the video below (first posted by TV Guide) could give you the impression that the real story of this episode is going to be Elizabeth-centered. After all, she was responsible for tutoring this boy prior to his disappearance, and at one point, she took him all around Europe on a museum tour. Personally, we cannot imagine there being a better way to tour all of the museums while also calling it a career.

But of course, we cannot just sit here and talk about Elizabeth without wondering how this will tie into the rest of the episode. The video offers a few clues, but also spends a little time questioning just what the relationship is between Matt Bomer’s character and Peter and his wife’s art collection. (Let’s just say that Neal has a “friends and family discount.” who knew?)

This episode, above all, is one that we just hope is thoroughly entertaining. This is the time of year when there are a ton of shows airing at the same time, and you know that for the November sweeps, some like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” are just going to push the “drama” button as hard as they possibly can. It would certainly benefit this show to do something a little bit different and keep the story light, given that there are some folks out there who love watching TV not to be depressed. that’s the benefit that comes with most USA shows: You do not often leave it feeling absolutely miserable about yourself or life as a whole.

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