‘Criminal Minds’ season 9 spoilers: AJ Cook, JJ in trouble in 200th episode

Criminal Minds -The wait isn’t too much longer now for the 200th episode of “Criminal Minds,” though it is still going to be in the new year. (Here’s a clue: Tonight is the eighth episode of the season, and the one that you are looking forward to its the 14th.)

So just in case you are really anxious to find out some more news about the story is going to be for this hour, know that not only is this going to be an episode that shows us some of JJ’s past, but that she is actually going to be a victim in the case. The easy, superficial comparison to make here would be to the situation with Benson on the “Law & Order: SVU” premiere, but of course things are going to be much more complicated than that.

According to TV Guide, the life-threatening situation for AJ Cook’s character will be set up at the end of the 199th episode, and showrunner Erica Messer teases the situation with the following:

“At the beginning of the 200th, the team… has to figure out how to help her. JJ is the victim of the episode.”

Is JJ going to make it to the other side relatively unscathed? You have to hope so, if for no other reason than that this would otherwise be an extremely depressing way to celebrate 200 episodes. The part of JJ’s past we are going to get to know during this is that window when she was away from the BAU, or when AJ was off the show. This is when she had some sort of relationship, whether it be professional or personal, with the new boss Mateo Cruz, and he may have to start to reveal some of that in this episode in the event that he is actually going to be able to help her.

Click here if you want to watch a sneak peek for tonight’s “Criminal Minds” episode; meanwhile, check back later tonight for a first look at what is directly coming up ahead.

Photo: CBS

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