‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: The latest status update on Heather Morris, Brittany

GleeFor those of you still eagerly awaiting something on the future of Heather Morris on “Glee,” there is still no news on the horizon for Brittany S. Pierce. According to TVLine, there are “no plans” for Brittany to return to the show at present.

Let’s start the deconstruction of Brittany’s status here by saying that it is almost a given that fans want to see more of Heather on the show. This is one of the most-popular characters, just as “Brittana” is one of the most-popular couples. What has been somewhat surprising is how Brittany, like Quinn Fabray, really has not even had her name mentioned at all this season, not even by her exes Santana or Sam. It’s been radio silence, even though she high-tailed it out of town so quickly to go to MIT.

But you also need to remember something here that is clearly not getting enough attention anywhere online: Heather just had her baby boy Elijah a month and a half ago. It’s completely insane to think about her returning to work anytime soon, and nor should she want to rush it when there is so much valuable stuff going on in her own life. If Heather does return this season, it would be mind-boggling to hear anything about it this year. If she does come back, we’d be shocked if it was at any point before the very end of this season / the beginning of next season. And all of this is based on “if” she wants to come back. She is not listed as a series regular this year, and she is really free to do whatever she wants with her future, whether she wants to return or get away from acting for a while.

Heather has always been in the end one of the hardest stars of the show to track down. She doesn’t have a Twitter account, is traditionally pretty shy when it comes to publicity, and hasn’t said or really done anything publicly since giving birth. Even during her pregnancy, you didn’t see her at a ton of red carpets. She seems like someone who really enjoys day-to-day life, and that’s admirable.

We will have some more news about Heather as time goes on, but for now, click here if you shift tones here and listen to some music from Thursday night’s episode.

Photo: Fox

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