‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Lady Gaga, Kenan Thompson get wacky in first promo

More news -We know that it would be easy to sit here and get all cynical while talking about the first promo for this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” featuring Lady Gaga as the host and musical guest. But in reality, this is a woman who has dreamed of doing this since she was a little girl growing up in New York. While she has performed on the show in the past, this is surprisingly her first time hosting. We use the world “surprisingly” mostly because we don’t know how this didn’t happen sooner.

Gaga on paper seems like the perfect host to do the show, as well. While she is not the sort of person who acts in dozens of projects every year, she is a performer who has done countless characters in concerts. She’s also taken a few acting jobs, performed in past “SNL” skits, and also seems to really understand the point of being an entertainer, even if you don’t always like some of her antics. We do think that she is going to be game for almost anything on the show, which is good.

When it comes to the content of the promo, much of it is pretty simple in that it is really just her and Kenan Thompson being completely silly. We’ve seen her run in place, kiss Kenan on the cheek after some random “Tinker Bell” rank, and had a mop mistaken for her. It’s not surprising that the veteran “SNL” cast member in Kenan was chosen for this one given the hype around this show, and overall, it’s pretty funny. while most of these bits feel like they came together very quickly, there is nothing in here that makes us too nervous about the quality of the show. The only fear that we have is that when a host also performs, they sometimes bite off more than they can chew.

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Photo: NBC

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