‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 6 preview: Why Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper may be in trouble…

Roy -Is there a relationship on the rocks on “Arrow” season 2? Based on the new sneak peek below, it feels like Thea Queen and Roy Harper may be closer to booking a ticket to Splitsville, and it is all courtesy of a new little roadblock that could put their relationship in a little bit of jeopardy.

The reas for the friction really comes to a pair of factors, and only one of them is in the couple’s control. In the video (which was first posted by TV Guide), you learn that Roy was recently arrested for some more bad behavior, though the nature of it is pretty unclear right now. The reason why this is such a pressing issue, at least according to a member of Thea’s legal team, is simply because it could be a distraction in Moira Queen’s case. The whole objective is to prove that she was a loving mother trying to care for her kids in the decisions that she made, and she was an unwilling participant in what happened. Having a daughter dating a felon is a problem.

There are still a couple of different options here that Thea could choose to pursue, at least based on what her individual interests here are in this regard. If she wants to continue dating Roy, she can; but, she needs to be a little bit more careful about it if she wants to ensure that her mom has the best defense possible. the other option here is ending things for a little while, which could give her and her mom some distance. However, the adversarial effect of that could be Roy acting out more out of anger than he has in the past, and this could be a unique brand of trouble for Thea on its own. The last thing she wants is to see him in jail more, and creating more negative headlines for her family. Sure, she could claim that she didn’t know that side of him was there when they were dating … but the press loves to spin things.

What do you think: Should Thea break things off with Roy Harper, or choose instead to date him in secret? Share some of your thoughts below! You can catch another sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode here, though it revolves a little more around what is happening with Oliver Queen and Diggle overseas in Russia.

Photo: The CW


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