‘Doctor Who’ season 8: Steven Moffat has no intention to leave; also explains goal for success

The latest -While “Doctor Who” is getting set to air its upcoming 50th anniversary special, there is quite a bit still to come after that. For example, you have the Christmas special starring Matt Smith for one last go (which has already been filmed), and the Peter Capaldi is going to take the reigns as the next Doctor starting with season 8 airing later next year. Those are the episodes that are being thought about and conceptualized right now.

But is there any one singular component that goes into making a great “Doctor Who” episode? In the end, what we are really looking at is something here that is far too complicated to ever try to identify with any one singular thing. As executive producer Steven Moffat said recently to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the real goals with the show is to find that right mixture of imagination and storytelling that makes a great story possible:

“You have to make it as good and inventive as possible. And you can never turn cynical and think about making the show cool or hot. I try to look for what would I get excited about. And we make ourselves as excited as eight year olds.”

For those of you who are wanting that sort of umpteenth update as to what in the world is going on with Moffat’s own future on the show, he is still insisting that he has no plans to leave the show at any point in the future. He has been with the program for over a decade now, and while there are of course people who are not his biggest fans or supporters, there are also others who hang on his every word. Personally, we believe that there is nobody else responsible more for helping this series to explode in popularity around the world, rather than being just a show that had a niche following here and there.

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Photo: BBC One

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