‘Eastbound & Down’ series finale spoilers: Watch the first teaser (video)

The latest -For Kenny Powers, it has been a long, bizarre, and at times very funny journey. But on Sunday night, “Eastbound & Down” comes to a conclusion with an episode that is going to do more than potentially tie up the story in the present; it could establish what to you is Kenny’s legacy.

There are two videos below that you can check out, with the first one being a pretty wacky teaser that gives you only a few seconds of real footage with Kenny proclaiming to Stevie that the two have actually “made it” finally after doing whatever that they have been for so long. Meanwhile, the second one is a brief recap of last night’s episode just in case you want to be a little more up to speed going into the episode (just in case you forget to set your DVR and do not care to hit up your HBO GO service anytime soon).

So what is the legacy for this show really going to be? Hopefully, it’s going to be some sort of testament to Danny McBride knowing just how much of a story he wants to make, and how he knows the right time to end a show rather than allowing it to drag on forever. This was never a program that pulled in enormous numbers, but it had a small, dedicated following, and the show is short enough that there are probably going to be some people who check out the series after the fact once they start to hear about it being on the air. HBO has done great with that with a number of series over the years, whether you look at another comedy like “Sex and the City” or of course the critically-acclaimed “The Wire.” There still could be a long life left for Kenny in repeats.

What do you think about the teaser for this episode, and to you, what is the legacy of “Eastbound & Down” going to be? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below, and click here if you want to see some more news related to HBO programming.

Photo: HBO

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