‘The X Factor’ UK: Abi Alton defends Sam Callahan, doesn’t blame him for elimination

Abi Alton -“The X Factor” UK would simply not be the show that it was if the press were actually kind to every single contestant taking part in it, and this time around, they have found themselves the perfect target for saying terrible things to in Sam Callahan. He’s a cheeky, good-spirited guy who comes out and tries to perform every week despite not having a ton of people really being in his corner. Even Gary Barlow has decided to barely say anything at all to the singer, knowing that the majority of what he would otherwise say would be of the unkind variety. He’s not the best singer. Everyone knows that, but the truth of the matter here is that the public is voting for him and the other boys to all stick around.

But at least some of the other contestants are not being nearly so awful to Sam upon their own elimination from the show, even if it would be pretty easy for them to do so. Speaking to SugarScape, for example, Abi Alton explained that he is a very nice guy who is working hard to try to be the best performer that he can possibly be:

“Sam was put through to live shows by Louis and he works incredibly hard. And to stay as positive as he does with all the stick he gets is no mean feat.

“I think he does really well. People should leave him alone a little bit…I don’t know why people are so horrible to him. It upsets me when people say things like that.”

Abi also really does not have anything to be upset about. She probably knew that she was not going to win this competition, and is really better going for more of the indie music route in the first place. The one thing that she can remember here is that she got a nice platform thanks to the show, and can hopefully use that in order to launch a career moving forward.

One thing that we will say about the boys that is pretty interesting right now? That even though all three of them are still in the competition, we still don’t imagine any of them winning for Louis Walsh. Rough Copy of the groups and Sam Bailey of the Overs are still to us the overwhelming favorites to be facing off with one another in the final.

Photo: ITV

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