‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Is Tom getting a new scene partner in the future?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhat is coming up next for one of the supporting characters on “The Blacklist” moving forward? One of the major players on the show these days has been none other than Tom, whose story has been largely wrapped up in a simple question: Are we going to be finding out some more news about who he really is? Already on the show, one of the biggest inquiries has been if he is some sort of assassin or double-agent, and there has not been too much evidence of that one way or another. Just when it looked as though the show was starting to really answer that question, though, it appears as though he is in the clear … for now.

Could that change soon? It seems as thought there will at least be one person moving forward who the character will be spending a few more scenes with. If you want to check out some more on the subject, just be sure to click here to see what Ryan Eggold (who plays the character) had to say to E! News:

“I shouldn’t say too much about this, but potentially further down the road, there is a new character coming on the show that I will be working with a lot.”

There are two easy theories to this that would not really tip Tom’s hand one way or another: It’s possible that this could be a member of his own family (given that we know almost next to nothing about them), or it could be someone potentially claiming to be the father of Liz Keen. If this is the case, it would be somewhat of a relief, given that it would serve as the tiniest shred of proof that the woman’s father is really not Raymond Reddington.

Are you particularly interested in seeing something new and interesting from Tom on the show, and do you think that we are going to get some more evidence soon that this man is up to no good? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: NBC

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