‘The X Factor’ USA preview: Why Carlos Guevara, Khaya Cohen, Jeff Gutt could be in danger

The latest -Typically at this time on the weekend, we would present our weekly contestant rankings for “The X Factor” USA. Unfortunately, there was a little bit of a problem this week in that no one actually ended up going home. It’s hard to really rank anyone until we see the latest results, so we’re going to hold off on doing our traditional rankings piece this week.

Instead, we want to look at trying to answer the question for those out there who are still checking out the show: Who is going to be moving on to the next round, and who will be sent home? It seems like there are a group of six or so people who are locks to stay a while, including Carlito Olivero, Rion Paige, Rachel Potter, and all three of Simon Cowell’s groups based on what we’ve seen from them. The artists that are in trouble were made apparent on the show this past week for a couple of reasons.

1. Carlos Guevara – Probably our top pick to leave. He seems like a pretty nice guy and we don’t wish terrible things on him, but the vocals just aren’t on the same level as everyone else.

2. Khaya Cohen – She actually probably performed better than either of the other ladies, but she is probably the one of the three that is the easiest of the voters to forget. There is always one member of the girls who leaves before they should, and this will probably be heard.

3. Jeff Gutt – We actually feel like Jeff will probably still longer than Lillie McCloud and neither will leave this week, but he was placed in that dangerous part of the show in the middle, where you can easily be forgotten. Plus, many young voters may not be familiar with his songs. Lillie, meanwhile, had the benefit of performing near the end.

Right now, we still feel like the favorites to win the show are Restless Road, Rachel Potter, and Carlito, though Alex & Sierra put in a very strong showing this week that should help them out.

Photo: Fox

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