‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Darren Criss’ Blaine and … puppets?

The latest -Just in case that, for whatever reason, puppets have been something that you have been looking forward to seeing for the longest time in connection to “Glee,” we like to think now that we can be your hookup in the regard. We don’t know exactly why we are going to be seeing them coming up on the show, except for the sole fact that it is going to happen.

Ryan Murphy is the first person to get the conversation started about this courtesy of the photo on Twitter, and we also now have it on good authority that the seventh episode of the season (following the Billy Joel tribute “Movin’ Out”) is going to be “Puppet Master.” This is the second-to-last installment of the season, and it will be coming before the bizarre “Previously Unaired Christmas,” which we wrote about a little bit earlier in the day. That is one of the strangest developments that we have seen on the show yet, and there are so many reasons for that.

When it comes to focusing solely on the subject of puppets, though, what we find to be so interesting about the decision to do this episode now is simply that it is not entirely that original an idea. While we’re not saying that they got any inspiration from elsewhere, “Community” did something very similar last year when it came to using these props to tell a different sort of episode. we don’t think that this show will go as crazy as Joel McHale and company did, but there are a good many of the puppets attached here that seem to look soewhat like Tina, Jake, Marley, and Sam. Blaine is at the center of it, and given that Darren Criss is a major fan of the Muppets, it shouldn’t come as too great of a surprise that he would be the guy to at least get the spotlight in the image.

Tell us: Do you like the idea of “Glee” doing something with puppets, or is this in your mind yet another moan-inducing distraction given that we are still very much waiting to find out more about New York City? Share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: Twitter / Ryan Murphy

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