‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special teaser: Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and a surprise

The latest -Can you believe that we are now just a mere fifteen days away from the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special? Back when we were first teased on this show, it genuinely felt like we would be sitting around and waiting until the end of time to actually see what the story is going to be.

But with that in mind, the latest teaser for the show still leaves plenty open to the imagination. This is only a miniscule 14 seconds in length, and the scene at the center of it is so short, there is not exactly a heck of a lot to go on. The biggest tease is what The Doctor (the Matt Smith version) and Clara are looking at, and Jenna Coleman saying “not possible” that has been more reserved as of late for Smith when talking about her.

What is very interesting about the clip in the first place is that the more you watch it, the more that you will start to see and piece together a few other hints not only for this special, but lovely little allusions to “Doctor Who” history. We wonder already if the show is really going to be able to pull off something so magnificent as doing this for the entire episode; if they are, they that would be rather magnificent, indeed.

This entire special is geared to be almost magic in that it is constructed to be all about The Doctor’s history, and the amount of blood that this strange, very mysterious man has collected over the years thanks to his various misdeeds and time-traveling action. Think about the image for a second of him drowning in blood and his head barely creeping in above the water, and that is the image that we have of him going into this story as we start to see the layers of his life and his past unravel. Also, we expect plenty of surprises that no one to date has heard about. Steven Moffat and company are great at hiding secrets, even in this modern day of Twitter, where everyone is ready to spill almost everything.

If you want at least a few more general details on the special, BBC One has released a synopsis that should at least be to your liking in that regard.

Photo: BBC

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