‘White Collar’ season 5, episode 5 preview: Matt Bomer as ‘undercover butler’

What's up next? -Is this the longtime “Downton Abbey” – “White Collar” crossover that you have been secretly demanding? While we don’t quite know about that, next week’s all-new episode of the USA series looks in theory like it is going to be plenty of fun. Butlers are not the sort of thing that you really think about much these days, unless you are talking about one of three subjects: Mr. Carson at Downton, Batman, or Lee Daniels. Otherwise, it may not be on your mind.

But getting Matt Bomer to sport the butler tails? Well, we imagine that this will please plenty of fans, as will the fancy cars. This basically feels like a combination of a butler movie and James Bond, as Neal Caffrey will be going undercover in this episode in an effort to try to protect the fortune of a powerful Manhattan family. There is an impostor in the mix, and he is there to try to sniff him out and call him on his more-than-wicked ways.

The promo really does not say anything more than what we have above, and the synopsis is a carbon copy more or less of the promo. This is probably just one episode in particular where you are better off to just sit back, relax, and enjoy where the story takes you. The thing about “White Collar” or any other USA series is that some of the best episodes can be ones with a bit more of an isolated feel to them. What matters is that they have that perfect combination of action, suspense, drama, and fun. This is what makes this a nice alternative to everything airing on network TV at this time Thursdays. There may be many options, but there is nothing else at 9:00 p.m. Eastern that is this high-octane or action-packed.

You can read more news related to “White Collar” here, and we of course want to hear some of your thoughts about tonight’s episode below.

Photo: USA

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