‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Who is ‘Psych’ star Timothy Omundson going to play?

What's coming up? -In case you missed the glorious news earlier this week, Timothy Omundson, best known for playing good old Detective Carlton Lassiter (a.k.a. Lassie) on “Psych,” is going to be starring on a different show in “Supernatural” that also films in Vancouver. But ever since that casting was first revealed, we’re sure that you had a question to go along with it: Who in the world is he going to play? Well as it turns out, we now have an answer for you.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Omundson will play the part of Cain in an upcoming episode, and as you may have guessed, there will also be another character named Abel. Obviously, there is the Biblical story here of two brothers that probably casts a shadow over everything, but you should remember in here that this is “Supernatural.” If there is ever a show that is not going to leave a twist as is and be happy with it, it’s this one. These guys are going to shake things up, and not just give you the same-old story of two brothers that you read in church growing up.

While Omundson films this role, we are sure that he, like us, is now awaiting eagerly what in the world is going to happen to the zany USA show. If you remember, the show recently filmed an eighth season that was slightly different in that Maggie Lawson, thanks to her commitment to “Back in the Game,” was unable to be around for a few of episodes. However, “Back in the Game” was canceled last week by ABC, and thus leaving the door open for more “Psych” if her and the rest of the cast is interested in continuing to stick with it and do more work. They have a musical episode that is airing next month, and that may be one of the most-hyped specials out there beyond of course the upcoming “Doctor Who” anniversary that has just about everyone talking.

In going to back to “Supernatural,” this Cain and Abel story seems more suited for a standalone episode, but don’t worry: We still also have some news on the more long-running plotlines that are going to be coming to the show. Just click here if you’re wanting to see more about Bartholomew, a man who could be trouble for Castiel.

Photo: The CW

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