‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 8 preview: The layers of April and Matthew’s problem

What's next? -There are so many things to talk about when it comes to the “Grey’s Anatomy” sneak peek below, it is almost difficult to know just where the best place to start is. So far now, why not kick things off by saying this: Is it jarring to anyone else to hear Sarah Drew introduce a clip from Thursday’s episode, and then transition into seeing her as April? We love that the actors did this, but we don’t really think it was necessary.

Now, we turn to the glorious irony of the clip, which focuses first of all on Matthew and April taking a compatibility test with the help of their local priest, who informs them that they passed with flying colors. Hooray … right? Well, one of the interesting little twists to this is that there is a problem that comes after this that suggests that they may not know each other as well as they think. Matthew says that there is something that they should talk about, and how it is that they are not “equal.” April immediately thinks that he is talking about the fact that she has a more high-paying job than her (which is, to be honest, also what we thought); but, as it turns out, he is really referring to the not having sex yet.

So as you could imagine, chaos will ensue from here as the two try to figure this one out. April realizes the emotions that went into her “first time” with Jackson, and it was not something that was planned. So how does she really try to make something like this happen now? We can think of a word to describe it: Awkward. We don’t know how it can be anything other than this, but if they are to move forward and prepare for a wedding, this is something that they will need to resolve. As for the issue of salary differences, it really feels like Matthew doesn’t have that much of a problem with it at all.

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Photo: ABC

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