‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 5 review: Jensen Ackles, ‘Dog Dean Afternoon,’ and magic

Take a look -There are some episodes on “Supernatural” that really make you think about the story, and then there are others that are just fun. Even when they are not always perfect, you just sit back and think about the joyous feeling that people are still discovering and coming to love this show. It is almost like “Doctor Who” in that it continues to facilitate the imagination. How many shows geared for adults tell you that it is okay to feature talking dogs, demons, and angels?

This is why “Supernatural” as a whole is a little slice of TV magic, especially since it never talks down to you as viewers and it seems to know his audience better than anyone. “Dog Dean Afternoon” was just a blast to watch from start to finish. Yes, we know: We want to see Castiel again soon, but seeing Dean rant about vegan bakeries and turn into Dr. Doolittle in the same episode? Classic. Ironically, this show also got the “what animals would say” angle down better than some feature films all about the subject.

For those of you who are obsessed about the show revealing some things related to the main story along the way here, you will probably appreciate that we did continue to see Sam be very lucky that he has Ezekiel in his life. The angel trapped within Sam saved his life in dramatic fashion, and all while Sam continues to remain clueless about it.

How great was Jensen Ackles in all of this? Outstanding. We never once doubted his commitment as the dog whisperer, and he took on the part with humor but also care. The best part of the entire ordeal was seeing him nearly get the news at the very end about why dogs are on this earth, only for his ability to wear off at the last second. Completely fun, and a nice way to end what was a great standalone hour for the show. This is one that will live in syndication for quite a while. Grade: A-.

What did you think about “Dog Dean Afternoon,” and are you bummed about the lack of Castiel the past couple of weeks? Share below, and click here if you want to see more news, including a preview for next week.

Photo: The CW

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