‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 7 review: Gibbs, his father, and Abby’s new ally

More news -There were a few moments during Tuesday night’s “NCIS” episode that were somewhat emotional. This was a story that did go far back into the past of Jackson Gibbs, and some of the best scenes for Mark Harmon on this show are when he gets to interact with his father.

But while we could sit here and discuss the individual case, or some of the layers that came into the mystery, what this episode was really emblematic of is what happens in a certain part of a man’s life. Gibbs’ father is at a point now in his life where he started to realize that his dad was not completely capable of doing everything anymore. It was thanks to this that we saw Leroy Gibbs offer his father a chance to come stay with him … which was declined for the time being. The fact that Jackson still thinks of himself as a spry young gentleman is probably one of the reasons why he is so endearing in the first place.

While the funniest moment of the episode was seeing McGee learn that Abby’s “source” at the Department of Defense was none other than Delilah, the moment that really moved us more even than Jackson being offered a chance to stay with his son was seeing the end of the story of Walter, a man that Jackson was so desperate for his son to meet. Why was that? As we had an opportunity to come to learn, this was a man who needed some sort of reassurance after a tough and painful life that his actions in the military were not in vein. While he may have taken lives, it was thanks to him that Leroy was born, and Leroy does his part to help people. This was quite a patriotic story, and one that we are sure that many out there are going to love leading into Veteran’s Day.

While we don’t love every “NCIS” episode to be so Gibbs-centric, for this particular week to kick off the November sweeps, it totally worked. Grade: B+.

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