‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 9 preview: What Charlie Hunnam, ‘John 8:32’ will present

The latest -Tuesday night will be bringing another new “Sons of Anarchy” episode to the table, this one entitled “John 8:32.” We’ve talked about this a number of times over the past week, so we’ll summarize the Bible verse by just saying that it is one of the origins for the famous quote “the truth will set you free.”

So who has the biggest “truth” to share right now? Suspect #1 has to be Tara, since she has worked hard to create this whole ruse that she was pregnant, just to get Gemma locked up for an attack that she manipulated into happening. This was a smart plan, but also an extremely flawed one when you start to think about the logistics of it. She had to make sure that there was no way that Gemma would be able to learn the truth about her “pregnancy,” and that alone is a severe insult to Gemma’s intelligent. Not only is Katey Sagal’s character smart, but she is as determined as determined can be. Expect everything from threats to actual violence from her tonight as she attempts to learn the truth surrounding her arrest.

This could be a great episode from almost all fronts. We have not felt like Ron Perlman has had enough to do since the whole Lee Toric / Otto incident, but that is going to be changing soon. Also, there is the big confrontation between Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Patterson (CCH Pounder), as she continues to do everything in her power to send SAMCRO spiraling to the ground. They are enemy #1 in her mind, and she is just as intent on destroying them as the MC should be in trying to get out of the guns trade.

But, as Charlie Sheen said recently in one of his unfortunate Twitter rants, there is a reckoning ahead. No shady move goes unpunished on this show, and over the next five episodes, the entire crew is going to figure that out. This is going to be a good one.

On a different note, in case you haven’t seen the latest episode of “WTFSutter,” you can watch that below. There are a few more details in there about the fan event coming up this weekend in New Jersey, with the proceeds of it going to charity. The event has now sold out, and it is looking to be quite a lively affair.

Photo: FX

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