‘Big Brother Canada’ exclusive: ‘Glitter’ Gary Levy reflects, talks season 2 possibilities

Gary GlitterWhile at the “Big Brother Canada” auditions in Toronto last month, we had an opportunity to chat with more than just some of the show’s executive producers (we’ll have more on those at the end of the article); we also had a chance to speak with some of the cast members from the show’s first season to get their reflections, talk a little bit about where they are now, and figure out what they want to see on season 2 when it premieres this winter. We’ll be rolling out one of these every week, so be sure to keep checking back for more of them.

Today, we’re chatting with a guy who may be known as the biggest character from season 1, and a guy who would without a doubt be asked back for an all-star season if they ever had one: “Glitter” Gary Levy. He’s always been a fun guy to talk to, and this occasion was no different. There is really no way at all to emulate a Gary conversation in text form, but we’ll do our best.

CarterMatt – So let’s begin with this: When you are this big of a character, I’m sure that you have a hard time going anywhere without being recognized.

Gary Levy – Yeah, but it’s fun!

But you don’t mind it?

No, I don’t mind. I’ve always been out and about talking to people, and now everyone is like ‘oh my God, Gary! You’re Gary from ‘Big Brother,’ how are you?’ And I’m like ‘I’m great.’ I guess now I just don’t have to go and talk to them. [They approach me.]

So what have you been up to in the months that it’s been since season 1? Did you get a chance to check out the American ‘Big Brother’ this summer?

You know, working, traveling, seeing friends and family. I just moved into a new apartment and I didn’t get cable right away. I got internet right away but I didn’t have [TV]. I didn’t get to watch, but I have definitely got the gist of the season and I’m going to watch it.

Since we’re here at the auditions, it only seems appropriate to ask how you auditioned for the show.

Well, I came through the auditions! It’s a similar experience to what these people are going through now. The same kind of audition process. You have two options when you audition: You can come and audition in person, or you can videotape and put it on YouTube.

You went through your fair share of twists on the first season; you even had one that got you back into the game. So is there anything that you would like to see on this upcoming season?

I think something like a Pandora’s Box. I just really like Pandora’s Box; we didn’t have it in our season. And luxury competitions!

Are you going to welcome with open arms all of the season 2 contestants when they get out of the house? I know you guys had support from the American people when you got out of the house, but are you guys going to be there for the houseguests who come out this season?

I’m going to give support to whoever wants my support. If they don’t want my support, I’m not going to be there for them (laughs)! I’m definitely going to be watching. I’m really excited to see who they pick and what happens.

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The new season will premiere on Slice early next year.

Photo: Slice

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