‘The Blacklist’ episode 8 preview: What will come next with Liz Keen, Raymond Reddington?

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight on “The Blacklist,” we had a story that was definitely fascinating anchored by a performance from Robert Sean Leonard; but, there was also not much movement until the very end when we saw Red offer to leave the team (which didn’t actually happen), and him buying a house only to sing a version of “The Roof Is On Fire” in his head moments later. That was the part of this that will stick with us the most, largely because it does something that the rest of the episode did not: Ask questions about the future. While Red continues to be skeptical of Liz’s husband Tom, she is not having any of it for the time being.

The major reason to be sad about this episode for now is that there is no promo online as of this writing. We’ll update with one as soon as it is available, but we can at least give you a few scant details about what is coming up ahead. This episode is called “Nathaniel Wolff,” and you can take a look at the synopsis below via Zap2It:

“When Red reveals a new name, Liz learns of a plot to destroy the country’s financial system; Tom helps Liz when a loved one falls ill.”

The interesting thing that stands out here for Liz is just the notion of a “loved one.” We have not seen very many of these people, and we have always gotten the impression that she is somewhat of a lone wolf. But the more we learn about her past, the more that we hopefully know about Reddington’s past, including whether or not he is her biological father. We were given the hint tonight that he did once have children, but he made it sound like he raised them himself. This could have just been a lie to save face (given that the man makes a currency of lying), but it was certainly notable to point out. Liz would clearly remember if he helped to raise her for an substantial period of time, so does all of this rule him out?

Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see on “The Blacklist” next week, and how desperate you getting for some real answers rather than teasers that are coming at some undefined point in the future? Sound off below!

Photo: NBC

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