‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 7 preview: What’s next for Lily James, Gary Carr?

Take a look -At the end of this past “Downton Abbey” episode, there was some shocking news revealed in the way of a romance between two characters who, at least in the time in which this series was set, really would not have spent all that much time together if they followed the rules of society. But, in the end, Lady Rose has never been someone to follow all the rules. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for Americans!)

The romance between Lily James’ character and Jack Ross (Gary Carr) is now one of the more fascinating story threads as we push towards the end of the season, and for a couple of reasons. When it comes to just the idea of Rose either being friends with Jack or hiring him to perform at the Abbey, the likes of the Earl and Lady Mary were at least keen to go along with it, and to try to shed preconceived notions and some pretty severe racial undertones of the period.

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But to have her involved in a romantic relationship with him? That is a little bit of a different sort of situation. Mary has already learned that the two have kissed, and the are taking another risk now by going out in a public place and doing it. Even if Mary stays silent, who is to say that anyone else will? This is going to become a problem for them, and what could make it even worse is that the token disciplinarian of the family in Robert will be, at least judging from another sneak peek, away from the Abbey in order to deal with matters in America.

This news may mean good things for Mary, especially since Tom Branson could now be considered the man of the house. Given that his relationship with Sybil was considered to be very progressive when it comes to class relations, maybe he can learn to see the same thing about these two when it comes to race. Jack makes Rose more likable, and we therefore find it easy to root for them.

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