‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Will we learn more soon on the hidden cameras?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWith so much of “The Blacklist” concentrating on the relationships between Tom and Liz and then Liz and Reddington, there has not always been that much time to create a stir talking about one of the show’s other primary mysteries at the moment: The hidden cameras that are clearly spying on Liz and her husband for whatever reason. Despite being there for weeks and hearing little quotes about what they are trying to do, we have never really gotten any indication as to who these people really are, or why they are present in the first place.

Speaking to E! News, series star Ryan Eggold (who plays the mysterious man married to Liz) teases that we are going to get some answers in time as to what is really going on here with these people operating behind the scenes; however, he also suggests that you should not expect any answers to come immediately:

“That will unquestionably come into play, who they are and why they’re watching and the sort of Big Brother element to it. [Things will become clearler] at some point over the next six episodes we will get into that. They will definitely answer who these guys are and why they’re watching.”

One of the other reasons to have hope that this story is not going to be dragged into the dirt is simply because of the way that producers have handled the Liz / Tom story so far. While we can’t quite say that this past episode really illuminated much of anything when it comes to whether or not Tom is a bad guy, it at least was willing to go there quickly to show that if he is somehow evil, he does a very good job covering up his tracks and making Reddington appear like the one who has some serious explaining to do.

Photo: NBC

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