‘White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Bridget Regan on romancing Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey

The latest -On tonight’s “White Collar” season 5 episode,we’re set to see the latest addition to the story of Bridget Regan, who will have the opportunity to bring a little bit of a different sort of romance to Neal Caffrey and the show than what we have seen previously from Hilarie Burton and others. This is not just Sara 2.0; Rebecca Lowe will have a different energy for the ten episodes that she is guaranteed to appear in, or maybe more depending on what the reception is here.

In an effort to try to have you interested in the character, and to also prove that producers really are not just trying to emulate Sara with another lady, the former “Legend of the Seek” and “Beauty and the Beast” actress said the following about her role to TVLine:

“She’s a little more on the introverted side, at first glance. She’s not an over-the-top sexy woman, but she has her feminine wiles.”

Rebecca works within the world of museums, and her relationship with Matt Bomer’s character will begin on a professional basis. It’s at this point that Regan claims that things will start to blossom:

“Conveniently or not so conveniently, he starts to have feelings for her, and vice versa. And throughout the course of the season it really does develop in a charming way … It was made very clear to me that Neal Caffrey’s weakness is women, and I just adored that, being his Achilles heel. I love how the writers and Matt play that.”

While we totally understand all of the Burton fans being bummed about her absence this season, we’re always interested in giving someone new a shot, especially when this someone new is not necessarily out to just play a different version of the same character. This will hopefully provide another spark to what has already been a fun season, thanks to the twists and turns that include Mark Sheppard’s return and Peter getting himself a new job.

Are you excited to see what transpires from here on out? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts on this story below! Click here if you’re looking for more of a video preview of what is going to happen on tonight’s episode.

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