Did ABC botch ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’? A discussion

Wonderland -When ABC first announced that they were creating a companion show of sorts to “Once Upon a Time” in “Once Upon a Time” in Wonderland,” we were thoroughly excited (especially since we are huge Alice fans). This was an opportunity for the show to try and tell a story that was separate from what was going on with our main characters, and give us a deeper look at a world that we have only spent a tiny amount of time in over the course of the flagship show’s run.

But then, we turn to the issue of scheduling. When we first heard that the show was going to be airing on Thursday night, it was definitely a cause to raise an eyebrow. What in the world was ABC thinking? The timeslot before “Grey’s Anatomy” is a deathtrap on this network, and has been for many years now. Sticking a spin-off, which may have a limited audience of new viewers, up against “The Big Bang Theory,” “Parks and Recreation,” “The X Factor,” and “The Vampire Diaries” (all shows with devoted audiences, even though three of them are pretty small) felt crazy.

In the end, seeing the ratings performance of this show today more or less just reinforced the thinking that this is a show that should have aired as a fill-in during the early part of the year. Even if it was just an eight or ten-week limited series that went from early January until the middle of March when you bring the flagship back, it would have still made more sense given that it would keep the fanbase engaged in that time with a different show, rather than forcing them into committing two hours a week to their franchise. We also liked that idea more since you could do it every year with a world that you don’t get to see too much of on the show, like the black-and-white one of Dr. Frankenstein or the world that Giancarlo Esposito’s Genie first came from.

Now, the best-case scenario for this trip to Wonderland is that it airs the entirety of the season, since it’s not getting renewed with the ratings. While airing on Thursday may give the show a higher episode count, sometimes having a smaller story can be best if you can also keep around viewers.

What do you think: Did ABC make an epic blunder when it comes to “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”? If you want to read more news when it comes to the show, we suggest just taking a look at the article over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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