NBC’s ‘Dracula’: Why Jonathan Rhys Meyers predicts a shorter shelf life

The latest -When NBC first started to hand out advertisements for “Dracula,” the billing was of it as a limited series. However, there’s one thing that you typically have to remember about such a label: Being a limited series only stays limited if the ratings don’t end up being fantastic. If this show continues to be a great performer on Friday nights, which we’re torn about given that the pilot was actually at times somewhat dull, we would not be shocked to see it get another season.

But just how long can you keep a show like this around? When your star is also a villain, you run a risk of diluting yourself the longer you stay on. It’s basically like being someone with arachnophobia being stuck in a spider pit; eventually, the spiders don’t seem as scary as they were at first once you get past the shock that they are not biting you.

Speaking to TVLine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes his thoughts on the series’ long-term future clear, and he shares an opinion that we wish more networks would have:

“The thing about making something like Dracula is, you’ve got these elements of power and wealth and all this, but you still have to lose, eventually. Season 1 maybe, or Season 2 maybe, but [Dracula]‘s got to lose. Morality demands it.”

Eventually, these sort of antihero stories do have to realize that there is something that needs to happen to the bad guy eventually, and we also think that there’s no reason to sometimes extend a story with a dark character so long that they don’t start to turn dull. That is what made “Breaking Bad” such a truly worthwhile show; by the time he was in full-on villain mode, you more or less knew that they weren’t going to keep the show going forever. You had an ending to look forward to, and you could continue to fear Walt and his “empire business” until that time.

Do you wish that all vampire shows, or at least ones with evil leads, would chose to “lose” at some point beyond just a few seasons? Be sure to share below, and you can click here to read some more news related to “Dracula.” We’ll have another review coming Friday night.

Photo: NBC

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