‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Can Hook really be a hero? Colin O’Donoghue explains

Take a look -You see it in the promotional art to the left, and it’s a question that will probably be asked throughout the third season of “Once Upon a Time”: Is it possible for a man like Captain Hook to actually turn it around and be a hero? Can he do the right thing all of the time, or are we looking more at a man destined to continue to do horrible things and let down those close to him.

During Sunday night’s new episode “Ariel” and those that come after that, one of his biggest challenges may be trying to figure out if he can actually open up and admit to Emma that Neal is still alive and in Neverland. The advantage to doing this is that he earns more good favor, but the disadvantage of it is that there’s always a chance that the kiss he shared with her in “Good Form” ends up being the only kiss that they ever share, and based on what we’ve seen already, he surely doesn’t want that. Not telling her ensures more kisses in the short-term, but if she ever finds out (and she would, since Pan is horrible) that Hook lied about it, then she may jam that hook right where the sun doesn’t shine (and it never really seems to shine in Neverland at all).

Speaking about this struggle to TVLine, the man behind the Hook in Colin O’Donoghue explains what he thinks one of the most-substantial challenges is going to be:

“Hook spent 300 years looking for revenge because he lost one woman. Who knows what would happen to him if it happened again? He is desperately trying his best to be a team player, to try and help save Henry. Because he now sees there’s more to life than that side of things … {But], it’s very easy to go back to old habits.”

So there you have it: A tease that is meant to drive fans crazy. We basically know that one way or the other, this story will be around for at least another week, and we’re thrilled about that. Anything to keep Hook in the spotlight as something other than a “bad guy” who often gets his butt kicked is a story we want to watch.

Want to see more about the Ariel character herself? We’ve got some great photos straight from the episode right here, so be sure to take a look.

Photo: ABC

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