‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Hayden Moss, Kat Edorsson, and a sea of concern

Kat's back -With this “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” preview, we’re here to play psychiatrist. So prepare yourself to watch the video below and ask yourself this question: Is Kat Edorsson really worried that her boyfriend Hayden Moss is going to see her differently because she didn’t do well in the game?

We saw the first glimpse of this fear manifesting itself last week after Kat was voted out of the game in her final words, but it went into full-on tears the moment that she saw Hayden back on Redemption Island, and she claimed that she let him down by not doing as well as she wanted to.

We are actually going to do something a little uncommon in this mean world known as the internet and actually defend Kat for a minute when it comes at least to her insecurity about getting voted out early making her somehow inferior: These sort of things happen in the reality TV world! As someone who has been through this, you are basically being forced to spend the entire time you are out there thinking about the show that you are making. There’s little room for anything else. So in the event that you leave early, you’re worried about looking like an idiot or like you’ve wasted your time, and people who make it far tend to have a little bit more of a fraternity. They may not be intentionally mean to the early boots, but they’ve just had more time to forge special bonds. For Kat, this may be worse given that she was perceived as clueless for “Survivor: One World,” while Hayden won “Big Brother 12.”

Oh, and here’s another easy explanation for this: You’re tired, you’re on little to no sleep, and emotions are heightened because you’re about to fight for your life in the game. While Kat may understandably be emotional, she’s got to get it together quick if she wants to stay in the game. We know that she’s a good competitor, but so are Laura Morett and John Cody. Any of these people are capable of winning this duel, and any of them could go home. It all depends on the type of challenge, and the effort that they are able to give.

What do you think about this preview, and do you feel for Kat at all? You can take a look to the right to see our other updates related to the show, or just click on the link here.

Photo: CBS

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