‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ ‘X Factor’ UK near lengthy renewal; Lady Gaga performance draws ire

More news -Allow us to take a moment to head over to the land of media panic known as Great Britain, mostly for the purpose of answering the following question: Are “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor” UK coming back for addition seasons?

Right now, the answer appears to be a pretty clear yes. There are currently conversations going on to bring back both of the talent shows for another three years, which should shut up all of the people out there constantly complaining about “The X Factor’s” falling ratings, and whether or not Simon Cowell should show up in a suit of armor and save it. We actually do think that there is a chance for him to come back … mostly because we would not be shocked if the US version is canceled by the start of next year thanks to so-so ratings. (They’ve already cut the budget on a number of things, including the fancy photos and some of the other frills.)

As for “Britain’s Got Talent,” this is a little bit more of a lock. It’s a brilliant, fun show with some great judges attached to it, including Cowell and our personal favorite judge on all TV in David Williams, who we are pretty sure is just out of his mind insane and we love him for it. This series is one that we mostly worry about just when it comes to the sheer talent level of it.

In other news, you will not be shocked at all that viewers in Britain are currently pitching a fit over Lady Gaga’s risque performance on the “X Factor” UK results show over the weekend, which is probably what she would have wanted in the first place. Personally we would have been more surprised if nobody pitched a fit at all, and just allowed Gaga to do her thing. (We think that a good 50 of the people who complained probably would have done so regardless of what she performed.) Why do these people even waste their time? These complaints never do anything other than draw headlines. We just suggest to stop watching the show if you don’t like weird performances from people who should be wearing more clothes.

Do you want to read more about this season of “The X Factor” UK? If so, just be sure to click here, and come back soon for some more news related to the show.

Photo: ITV

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