‘Homeland’ surprisingly hits season 3 high after controversy; ‘Masters of Sex’ pulls solid numbers

The latest -How’s this for a surprise? Rather than sending a storm of angry people into the night following the series’ most controversial episode ever, “Homeland” somehow managed on Sunday night to actually increase its audience. Therefore, stop wondering whether or not people are giving up on the series; if nothing else, the (spoiler alert!) drama of Carrie and Saul’s “plan” had more people hooked on the series than ever before. The 2.51 million viewers the show drew on the night is actually the best for the whole season, and the second-best of the entire series only behind last season’s finale.

Let’s give a little bit more insight into these numbers, as well: Last season, “Homeland” had the benefit of airing after “Dexter,” and it is possible that many of the viewers last year are no longer subscribed to Showtime. Therefore, getting this sort of audience is a big win when you consider that there were all sorts of other options Sunday, from the World Series to NFL football to “The Walking Dead” to even a game-changing episode of “The Good Wife.” (Someone really needs to spread out everything that airs at 9:00 p.m. on Sundays.)

Also worth noting today is that the ratings for “Masters of Sex” are staying over a million in live airing. That’s impressive for a show that is still trying to find its audience, and also a show that has such a touchy subject matter with so many people taking their clothes off. We’ve learned via TV reactions over the years that for whatever reason, people tend to freak out and grow uncomfortable watching sex than they do watching people get their heads blown off or cook meth. It’s a strange world we live in, people! (Remember, “American Horror Story: Asylum” aired a rape scene between mother and son, but FX would not air “Masters of Sex” as it is currently constructed.

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Photo: Showtime

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