‘Supernatural’ season 9: Felicia Day talks being rare female recurring star on largely-male cast

Supernatural -Supernatural” is certainly an oddity when it comes to modern-day television. This is a series with a limited number of series regulars, and while Misha Collins may be on board this year, more often than not we’ve just been looking at Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the leading roles. Even more notable than that, most of the female characters have not stuck around particularly long. Love interests die like this actually “Game of Thrones,” and many others just depart.

So what makes season 9 so interesting is that in between Abaddon and Charlie right now, we actually have a pair of strong female characters that bring something interesting to the table. They have both been so embraced by the fanbase, which is what led Felicia Day to make the following comment to Zap2It prior to the airing of tonight’s “Slumber Party” episode:

“I’m totally honored to not only be a part of the ‘Supernatural’ cast but to have the fans embrace the character of Charlie so much. I have been to a lot of conventions this year and I have to say, universally, it is just amazing to meet the passionate fans of Supernatural who continue supporting what I do. Just talking to them online and seeing how much the show means to them, that’s the epitome of TV and why I love being on the kinds of shows that I luckily get to be on and make the shows that I luckily get to make. It’s an extension of the world that I love and their passion might rival any other show out there. It’s up there with ‘Firefly,’ for sure, which I think is the most fan-driven show ever. But that’s just my opinion.”

Although Day’s status beyond tonight’s episode may not be particularly clear, we would imagine that she will be asked back at least one more time if her schedule permits. While we don’t know if she could ever be a regular on the show simply due to the other commitments she has, but it’s a nice little treat to have Charlie here and there. Her episodes are some of the best standalone chapters for the show.

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Photo: The CW

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