‘The X Factor’ USA rankings: Can Jeff Gutt, Rachel Potter rule Kelly Rowland’s Overs?

Jeff -Whoever thought that the Overs were going to be the hardest category to rank for “The X Factor” live shows? The issue that we run into with them is actually pretty basic in that we feel like they are all talented, and none of them may do terribly. However, there is also no one in here that we seriously feel is going to win the competition. The editing has done weird things to many of them already, and that makes things difficult.

Since their mentor in Kelly Rowland is making the decision for now, though, we have to judge these rankings based mostly on performance quality, what we have seen on the show, and if she will believe that audiences will love them.

4. James Kenney– The biggest concern we have for James is just that his votes will get mixed in with Jeff’s (who has a slightly larger fan base from what we wager), and he will quickly get lost. It’s a shame since he seems like a cool guy, but these two are much too similar.

3. Lillie McCloud – We imagine that most people will have Lillie ranked a little higher, but we think that she’s got a couple of things going against her. Soul / pop singers in this category do not typically fare well, and the most obvious comparison is Stacy Francis. We think that Lillie is more likable than Francis was, but she may have been a little over promoted by the editors.

2. Rachel Potter – This is tough. Voters love country music, but the audience was horrible to Rachel in the four-chair challenge. She needs a great performance to remind people as to why she’s there. If she does that tomorrow night, she suddenly turns it around and is a favorite again.

1. Jeff Gutt – We are basing this somewhat on the fact that he has had a good bit of airtime the last two seasons, but also on talent mixed with the fact that he brings something a little different to the show this year. If James goes early, he is suddenly the only male rocker left in the competition. That can go a long way.

Who is your favorite? Be sure to share in the poll below, and be sure to take a look at our other rankings for the girls, the boys, and also the groups. We’ll have our full review for the show up tonight after it airs.

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