‘The Blacklist’ episode 7 preview: How Megan Boone, James Spader try to move forward

The Blacklist -Is there any way that Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen can move forward on “The Blacklist” after the stunners of tonight’s new episode? That will be the challenge tat takes center stage in “Frederick Barnes,” the possibly-powerful episode that will air next week on NBC.

Tonight, what trust had been built between these two was completely shattered when Liz learned that it was really Red who was responsible for almost everything that was placed within her apartment and tied to Tom … or at least that is what we were led to believe. This man is not out of the clear just yet, but he is certainly now on better standing than he has been since the pilot.

One of the great thins to point out here first of all is that Robert Sean Leonard is going to be guest-starring in an important role, so this continues the show’s tradition of getting great actors to come on for spots. (Who doesn’t want to play a villain.) The struggle at the center of the story will be all about trying to take out a very dangerous master of chemical warfare, and any strategist will tell you that this is some of the most dangerous warfare of all.

Check out the full synopsis below via NBC:

“Liz and the FBI track the criminal responsible for a chemical attack on a subway. Elsewhere, Liz reluctantly reaches out to Red to help nab a brilliant scientist (Robert Sean Leonard).”

With the show now entering the November sweeps, and with it possible that there could be another long winter hiatus similar to what happened with “Revolution” so that the show stays after “The Voice,” we could be waiting for a while to learn more about the rest of the story after next month comes and goes. Lets hope that whoever this Barnes character is, he serves as more than just a man who bears no relevance to the main story. What made tonight’s episode so fantastic (which you can read about in our full review here) is that there was a near-constant presence of stakes, and you felt like the show was going somewhere from almost start to finish.

Photo: NBC

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