‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3, episode 4 review: Do we really need a Wade/Joel bromance?

Wade and JoelThis has been a polarizing season of “Hart of Dixie” since they brought Zoe back to Bluebell, but with a boyfriend named Joel that fans can’t stand and who has more of a brother/sister chemistry with Zoe then anything romantic.

Wade and Joel’s bromance: Want to anger Zoe/Wade fans even more then hooking her up with a guy that is as plain as oatmeal?  Let him go back to being a playboy/bad boy and sleeping with anyone and everyone not named Zoe in town including married women. George calls him out on the fact that Wade is sleeping with unavailable women to take his mind off of the one unavailable woman he really wants in Zoe, but he denies it. Away from that, Wade asks Joel to go on a Halloween supply run with him… something else fans have not been excited about. It’s just too strange and uncomfortable. Why is Wade befriending Joel?

Lemon on a mission: After quitting the Belles, Cricket has been blacklisting Lemon all over town, including getting her banned from attending the Halloween masquerade ball. Lemon goes for the big guns and calls on her grandmother to help get her invited to the party and not only does she get her an invitation, but also a date with a complete tool named Tanner. While at the party Lemon meets a charming stranger named Peter (the hot shower guy from the “Sex and the City” movie) and escapes the disastrous party with him. There is some serious chemistry between them and when he reveals that he travels a lot because of his job we wonder if Peter is the set up guy to take Lemon away from Bluebell during her real life pregnancy.

Are Lavon and AnnaBeth getting engaged?: Lavon tells AnnaBeth that he’s planning something very special for the one year anniversary of their first date, telling her that it will be a night that they will remember forever. She talks to Zoe about Lavon’s plans thinking that he is going to propose (and get a check up) and Zoe finds a growth on AnnaBeth’s ovary. After testing, AnnaBeth can’t stop thinking about the possibility that she may not be able to have kids and decides to try and move Lavon’s special night until after she learns the results of the biopsy, but her bribe of Beyonce tickets doesn’t work on him. Zoe drags Joel over to Lavon’s house to stop the possibility of a proposal happening and the distraction is working perfectly until young trick or treaters come to the door and she runs off crying, reminding her of her ovary troubles. AnnaBeth gets her test results back revealing that she has a small cyst that is completely harmless and that she can have 19 babies if she wants. So was Lavon going to actually going to propose? Nope, he was going to show her “Night of the Living Dead” on a 20 foot screen since she had never seen a horror movie before.

We loved the Lemon story tonight (as we have all season) and AnnaBeth’s scare was something that got our hearts racing for sure, but this weird bromance between Joel and Wade has to go. We get that the show wants to create some drama for Wade and Zoe by breaking them up and that’s fine, but this friendship isn’t working and seems to have come out of no where. Grade: C-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 3? Do you like the Wade/Joel bromance? If you are looking for more news and scoop on the show, just click here and enjoy.

Photo: CW

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