‘Sesame Street’ re-imagines ‘Homeland,’ creates best show spoof since ‘Saturday Night Live’

Check it out -Is the next twist for “Homeland” season 3 going to be turning the characters into Muppets? At this point, it would almost make as much sense of some of the twists that the show has actually introduced so far this fall (zing!)

But what we have below may be one of the funniest parody videos we have seen all fall in “Homelamb,” a pretty effortless spoof of the Showtime hit that seems to be designed to tell children the difference between wolves and sheep. It’s a little bit of a looser premise when it comes to education than some of the other stuff that they have come up with over the years, but it is pretty darn hilarious nonetheless. We’ve got a sheep version of Saul that is perfectly on-point, a sheep Carrie who is by and large out of her mind, and even a resurrected sheep form of David Estes. We don’t even really care that this spoof seems to be a year behind in the timeline, mostly because it still does a great job with the laughs.

“Sesame Street” really does have a thing these days for the pop-culture parodies. Over the past several months we have seen some video spoofs featuring such shows as “Downton Abbey’ (in “Upside Downton Abbey“) and “Sons of Anarchy” (in “Sons of Poetry“). We realize that there could be some out there that blast these ideas and claim that they are a waste of PBS public funding and designed to just pull it hits on YouTube, but those who feel this way are somewhat ridiculous for the following reasons:

1. These bring attention to the show – For the first time in decades, adults may be seeing the show, and even if they are not parents, they may remember this for when they are ready to have kids and there will be some things that they will still find both funny and educational.

2. It creates engagement – This will have adults talking and watching the show alongside their kids.

3. It keeps the writers happy – It has to be nice for these people to occasionally do a little bit more than the same old sketch every time. This allows them to have fun while also serving their purpose.

What do you think: Is this the best “Sesame Street” TV spoof ever? Be sure to share below!

Photo: Sesame Workshop

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