‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 5 review: Do we have our biggest Red John clue yet?

The latest -After a few weeks of getting itself a little too complicated in trying to focus on multiple Red John suspects, along with a murder of the week that did not always have that much to do with the story, “The Mentalist” returned to a simpler structure this week of focusing mostly on a case, but at the same time laying in some clues for the longer mystery in the process.

One of the major players this week was the return of Ray Haffner, the former boss and Red John suspect who is not a part of the cult Visualize. (We know we shouldn’t call it that in fear of angering this fictional organization, but still.) There was a murder of one of its members, and he returned thanks to some help from higher powers to help try and solve it.

Solving the case from here was pretty standard, but the brilliance came in the final ten minutes. We were introduced this week to a private investigator, and for her first scene on the show, we were led to believe that she was working for Visualize in planting a bug. Heck, even she was probably led to believe that she was working for Visualize. But then, the truth was quickly revealed in the closing minutes that this was actually a Red John hire carefully disguised to look like something else. You can’t assume that this is Ray’s doing, though he is clearly in the thick of it. The same amount of suspects are out there that were before the episode began.

What we do have for now in the way of information is still big: A tattoo with three dots on the left shoulder. Now if only Patrick Jane could get the suspects in a room and perform a strip-search, he’d be able to solve this. Sadly, it’s not going to be that easy. This was still one of the best episodes of the season, and one that really has us on edge to find out what happens from here on out. Grade: A-.

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