‘Elementary’ season 2 spoilers: The trouble with finding a romantic partner for Lucy Liu’s Watson

The latest -Last season on “Elementary,” we had the opportunity to learn that the girl of Sherlock Holmes’ dreams was none other than Irene Adler; unfortunately, it was not that much longer after that when we learned that she also happens to be his worst enemy in Moriarty. Let’s hope for that reason that whoever ends up romancing Watson is someone a little bit kinder, and not nearly so nefarious (to use one of Holmes’ favorite words).

So what does the man behind the series have to say about finding the perfect person for Watson? Let’s just say that it is a little bit of a challenge. Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Rob Doherty had the following to say:

“I will confess, it is sometimes personally challenging for me to identify someone who suits her. I feel kind of paternal in that respect. You want to try different people on and yet at the end of the day we don’t want it to look like Joan is a serial dater. So it’s a tricky line to walk.”

There are going to be some options for the Joan Watson character coming up, so there is no reason to worry about having to wait that long before she finally does get a little bit more action in that regard. Let’s just hope that there is some sort of permanent status to this relationship, or at least something that feels that way. The last time that we really saw Joan try her hand at romance, it did not last for very long. Whether it be through her own issues or just having a demanding boss like Holmes, something seems to always go wrong. Given that she is never going to have that sort of romantic relationship with him, those sort of feelings are going to have to come from elsewhere.

As for the Sherlock story, know that Natalie Dormer is going to be back as Moriarty a little later on in the season. As for what her motivations are or if there is any way for her relationship to heal with Jonny Lee Miller’s character, that is what you will be waiting to until early next year in order to find out.

Photo: CBS

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