‘The Blacklist’ episode 6 preview: The closest Liz Keen has come to Tom’s secret

The latest -For the entire run of “The Blacklist” so far, there are two questions that the show has continually jammed down our throats as the big plots that we should want some sort of answer to: What is Raymond Reddington really hoping to accomplish, and who is Liz Keen’s husband Tom? We may at least be getting close to finding out the truth to one of these two questions in the near future … as in Monday night.

In the latest promo below, you get an opportunity to see Tom within the walls of the FBI, as he is questioned over everything that was found out about him so far. There is quite the paper trail, let alone the trip to Boston that has him painted as a primary suspect for a vicious crime. The best-case scenario for Liz is that he is somehow innocent, and this is all some sort of giant ploy by Red to push her away from her husband, and that way she will be more emotionally vulnerable to rely on him. The one major issue with that is as follows: Has Red ever been wrong about anything so far?

The more likely scenario here is that Red is unfortunately right, and that her husband also has some sort of mistress that he has been working with in secret for the longest time. This should at least give Liz all of the motivation that she needs in order to take down the newest person on the list.

Admittedly, there is some hope here that this is just all some grave misunderstanding, mostly because we don’t want to see Liz’s entire life go to a dark and terrible place so early on in the series. Isn’t there still a ways to go on this show? We’re only six weeks in, and we have to imagine that thanks to that, the story is far more complicated than what we have been led to believe.

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Photo: NBC

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